A show case of 10 striking and clever brochure designs

Brochures still remain to this day, an important aspect of your marketing mix. Clients like to see what you do in paper form, they can use there senses to analyse your company, from the quality of paper its printed on the the style of the layout. When designing a brochure you must always take into account your market, its not worth designing a push scooter brochure in a minimalistic style, and visa versa, a bath room catalogue in the style of a kids toy brochure. Therefore its always worth doing research into your market before any designing is taking place.

What are you competitors doing? do what you can to get hold of one of their brochure, whether you beg borrow or steal. Don’t be fooled with offers of cheap printing it’ll benefit you and your company if you pay a little extra to have your brochure printed professionally. Look into having some form of feature that will make your brochure stand out, whether its a bit of gloss printing, foil printing, embossed or debossed¬†features. All will help your brochure stand out from the rest.

Below is a collection of 10, clever and inspiring brochures.



Buck Town

Heather Grey


Brochure Farma

Alpha Text

Avant Garde Gothic Typeface Brochure

Rizzo & Gobert



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